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The coaching 1x1

Here you can find out how our coaching process is structured


Are you interested in a collaboration?
Here you can find out what to expect

Our coaching is based on individuality, quality and transparency. We want to develop the full potential of the athlete and get the best out of it. Health and enjoyment of sport always have top priority. Successful coaching requires clear and open communication between coach and athlete. Therefore, before any collaboration, there is an initial personal meeting.

The initial interview

This is about you!

The initial meeting is the basis of every collaboration. We'll get to know each other personally and you'll find out

how our coaching is structured and what you can expect in a possible cooperation.

In doing so, we ask about essential cornerstones,

such as: training experience, state of health and performance level. During the initial consultation, we will show you live how our training and nutritional guidelines are designed so that you can get an initial insight into the structure and process in detail.

You can arrange your first consultation here

We will credit you with the fee that is incurred if a coaching session takes place.


check up

We determine your current starting position. This means we will take a skinfold measurement using a Harpenden caliper to calculate your current body fat percentage.


The circumferences are measured and we create pictures of your current form and thus get an overview of your body composition.


This information forms the basis for the cooperation and provides information about which measures are suitable for achieving your goals. The check-up is usually done in a bikini or underwear. The check-up not only serves as a basis and analysis of the initial situation, but the data we collect here enables the traceability of your progress.


A follow-up check-up can be booked separately in our modular system without a coaching package. For a check up?


What's next?

After we have determined all the important information about you and your goals, we will work out your personal macro cycle (non-binding and free of charge)


The macro cycle is an overview of the possible cooperation and usually lasts one year. You can see at a glance how we break down your goal into milestones. It shows the total effort and time to the end goal and serves as a guide during the collaboration. Individual training cycles, diet or build-up phases or planned breaks (e.g. diet breaks) can be seen here.


We want to create transparency with the macro cycle and it should make it easier for you to decide whether you will walk the path together with us and what it will look like in concrete terms.



Start of cooperation !

You have decided on a cooperation and the course of the macro cycle? Or, if necessary, brought in changes such as holidays or something else?


Then let's get started! We create your individual training and nutrition plans and upload them to your personal folder on the cloud. Working on the cloud has the advantage that the athlete and coach can view and make changes at any time, because the process is accompanied by constant success monitoring on our part. In addition, any problems can be solved more quickly in the event of troubleshooting.


To ensure the quality of your work, we recommend that you take part in technical training with us. This way you can ensure that your progress is on the right foundation, because the movement of certain exercises sometimes determines how fast, good and injury-free your progress will be.


You can also book technical training with us without coaching!

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