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At Progressive Sports, we limit ourselves to doing what works and avoiding what doesn't. Progress through knowledge !


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The fascination - through my own willpower, to let the body grow beyond its limits, drives me to this day. Bodybuilding has been an integral part of my life for over 13 years and I don't want to be without it again.

Originally from boxing, I gradually became more interested in weight training and bodybuilding. My thirst for knowledge allowed my experience to increase steadily. Since then I have continued to educate myself self-taught and during this time I was able to gain and further develop a lot of knowledge through my own experience.

In 2014 I competed in my first natural bodybuilding competition. This preparation was a key moment for me in many ways. In my opinion it is fundamental to understand your own body, its processes and mechanisms in order to be a successful coach. Because I prepared myself completely independently, I was able to learn from many mistakes afterwards. Revise my initial beliefs and acquire competent specialist knowledge, on a scientific basis and own examination.

In 2017 I became Swiss Champion at the SNBF

In 2022 I competed in a total of 6 national and international competitions from different associations:

1st place BB and Classic Physique: WNBF France

1st place: ANBF Austria

1st place: WNBF United Kingdom

1st place and overall victory: SNBF Switzerland

3rd place: INBA European Championships Hungary

3rd place: DFAC World

Championship Cayman Islands

I would like to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm for this sport and accompany others on their way to their goal. This vocation motivates me to get 1% better every day, which is also reflected in the results of my coaching.

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your coach

Sport is my great passion

Various sports have been part of my life since my earliest childhood. I started gymnastics in 2004 and competed in various competitions over the course of six years. In 2007 I switched to athletics and also competed there in several heptathlon competitions. Equestrian sports and rhythmic large field gymnastics were also important hobbies in my youth.


I am an absolute movement person and love to push my body to the limit, to challenge it and to proudly see what is possible if you believe in yourself and kindle your passion for something.

Bodybuilding came into my life in 2012 and in 2016 I competed in my first competition at the international Swisscup and at the Swiss Championships in the bikini class of the SBFV. The next competition season followed in 2017. In 2022 I switched to the figure/ fit body class and competed in a total of 8 national and international competitions:


1st place and overall: WNBF United Kingdom

1st place and overall victory SNBF Switzerland

1st place: WNBF France

4th place ANBF Austria

2nd place: INBA European Championships Hungary

1st Place: DFAC World Championships

6th Place INBA Natural Olympia Las Vegas

7th place: WNBF Worlds Los Angeles

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17 years of experience


32 podiums in 30 competitions


19 athletes in coaching


3 overall winners / professional licenses in the last two years




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